Are you an InspiredHUMN?

InspiredHUMNS are intellectually-curious. They love TEDTalks, deep conversations and inspiring work as entrepreneurs and innovators.

We create high-quality, curated experiences that help InspiredHUMNS connect with like-minded people

As an InspiredHUMN, you’re highly-motivated, uber-talented and multi-passionate! You’re also more than happy to trade small-talk for deep and meaningful conversations, any day.

You have tons of drive and energy for exciting projects and you love the life you’re creating. There’s just a little something missing…other InspiredHUMNS!

Finding others just like you in a big city can seem a little bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s exactly why we’ve created this community –  to bring together other like-minded people IN REAL LIFE and online so they can form deep and meaningful connections.

Every event we bring you, promises to be interesting, engaging and of course, social. We currently offer 3 experiences that you can register to attend:

Stories & Chai Logo

Stories & Chai

Steaming chai, fascinating storytellers and deep discussions set the stage for a night to remember. We invite you to laugh, cry and learn alongside other InspiredHUMNS. 

Table of Six Logo

Table of Six

What could be better than a delicious meal shared with incredible company? Pair this with a venue that has just the right ambiance and your ‘table of six’ will be the recipe for a perfect night out.

Curious Circle Logo

Curious Circle

Curious Circle is all about developing yourself. Spark your passion for learning, have fun and expand your network! You can expect energizing experiences and valuable takeaways.

Your Network is your Net Worth

Looking for a new business partner? A collaborator for an upcoming project? Maybe you want to extablish a new circle of friends? All of our experiences are designed to create a dynamic atmosphere that promotes conversation, exchange of ideas and natural networking. You’ll be sure to have more than a great night out – you’ll make real connections that can last a lifetime!


Over the past year, we’ve created many unlikely connections for entrepreneurs, doers, makers, designers and innovators. Here’s what they have to say:

“It’s easy to feel zoomed-out these days. Yet many of us want to build new professional connections. Stories & Chai fills exactly this gap. I enjoyed hearing storytellers from different cities, backgrounds, and professions. The stories weren’t just TED-talks about smart solutions and failing forward. They were about the real peaks and valleys of life and work. From navigating life in a new country to starting from scratch after the loss of a job, many of the stories stuck with me. Spoken with power, truth, and emotion, the stories created an opportunity for meaningful discussion and reflection.

I especially enjoyed the mid-event breakout sessions. InspiredHUMNS paid close attention to my interests, carefully chose like-minded people for our group, and gave us enough time to get to know each other. I left the event feeling excited and inspired. I also made several new contacts, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them.

If you can only attend one networking event this month, choose Stories & Chai.”

Erica Brisson

Artist & Experience Designer

“I attended two of the Stories & Chai events. Both events left me inspired.

I met people predominantly from the tech community in the Toronto area but from diverse cultures and backgrounds who shared interesting stories. I was moved by the candidness of the speakers in sharing personal stories that had impacted their lives.

The event format was also such that those who took part in it felt comfortable sharing personal stories that transformed their lives and the environment let them be vulnerable and open. The virtual event was good, but I look forward to being part of an in-person event in the future in a social-distant setting!

Kudos to InspiredHUMNS, the volunteers and speakers from weaving together a format of hearing about personal stories!”

Ram Kumarasubramanian

Product Thinker

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