Our mission is to curate inspiring social experiences that cultivate deep and authentic relationships.


InspiredHUMNS is the brainchild of Muryani Kasdani & Ali Schofield, two new residents of Toronto. The pair met by chance at a cultural event in the City and immediately found they had a lot in common. Both were entrepreneurs, they’d lived abroad and sadly; they were both disappointed by the lack of vibrant opportunities for meeting other creative thinkers and innovators. Seeing an opportunity, they decided to put their heads together and come up with a solution.


InspiredHUMNS was born.


Our vision is to cultivate a recognized community in every city where InspiredHUMNS can build deeper connections, open up dialogues and jump-start collaborations.


We strive to bring you experiences where you can connect deeply, engage wholeheartedly and explore meaningfully with other InspiredHUMNS.


Our high-energy team is multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and multi-passionate! Our focus is always on people and we strive to give our community the kinds of experiences we’d love to attend ourselves! We’re naturally-creative and we bring our diverse set of talents and worldviews into our work. We believe in the power of collaboration and the sharing of ideas. We meticulously design experiences we know our community will fall in love with.



Muryani Kasdani

Muryani Kasdani

Co-Founder & Director of Design


Muryani is passionate about building and curating communities that teach and learn from each other. With her training in design thinking, she finds delight in good design that puts humanity at the centre. She loves finding new opportunities in challenges and have founded and built impact-driven ventures that focus on caring for people and the planet.

Alison Schofield

Ali Schofield

Co-Founder & Director of Business


Ali is a visionary and natural teacher. She runs a global social enterprise in education and is passionate about entrepreneurship and connecting people. She’s an avid writer who is always learning, exploring new places and meeting interesting people. Her greatest aspiration is to create positive impact in the world.

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