By: Ali Schofield

I read a quote by D.F. Uchtdorf recently that said, “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” It made me think about how little time we humans actually spend creating, especially considering how important it is for our souls. The thing is, we actually need to be creative if we really want to thrive. Whether you want to get into your “zone of genius,” have more fun or find a million new ideas for a project, the answer is always going to come from you inviting more creativity into your life.

Flex that creative funny-bone of yours and you’ll immediately start to see all kinds of benefits! There’s a reason most kids are happier than adults – they spend so many hours in a day simply being creative – trying things out and playing with different ideas. It’s time you time you took a few lessons from the young ones!

Here’s a few easy ideas that you can use to start designing a more creative life, right now!


Dance around the house as you start your day – whether you’re a good dancer or not! Start singing in the shower and get more of your creative juices flowing! Those happy vibes will trigger “feel good” chemicals in your brain and your stress will decrease, making your thoughts clearer. This will bring you more in-tune with unique ideas and inspiration.


Routines can be good but too many can transform your day from magical to mundane. You really need to add some “spice” to your life each and every day. Anytime you can take yourself off autopilot, you’ll be opening yourself up a whole new world. Take the long way home instead of your usual route. Maybe you’ll meet an interesting person (or love interest??) or even a new friend. You might notice a cool shop or market that you can explore. Give yourself an opportunity to experience a sense of adventure because you won’t be able to predict what will happen or where you might find yourself. This will lead to excitement, positive anticipation and happiness–all good things for the body, mind and soul!


You probably do interact with a human every day but can you honestly say it’s a human you particularly enjoy? Some of us have a whole host of different human beings we wouldn’t choose to engage with if we had the choice so why not broaden your horizons a little and reach out to someone you might not normally talk to or get in touch with. Maybe it’s the security guard in your building or someone you haven’t heard from in awhile. It could be someone much older or younger than you or someone who has a totally different perspective than you do. Being open to listening and hearing someone else’s story can actually shift the way you see things. It can even allow you to look at yourself and your experiences differently. Engaging in self-reflection is actually a way to help you come to new ideas, understandings and creative possibilities.


Can you remember the last time you played, painted or tinkered with something? If not, then it’s definitely time to start playing! Think about what activities spark joy for you now or even when you were a child. Most of us adults stop playing and that means we drastically reduce the amount of fun in our lives. Reconnect to some of the activities you used to enjoy and give yourself at least 15 minutes each day to experience them. Yes, that probably means putting your devices away but you’ll be glad you did. If you can sit on social media for long periods of time, you can probably find a short block in your day for play. Even if you can’t think of any activity or hobby, just start with a simple paper and pencil. Make some squiggles, stars and shapes on the page and you’ll be surprised how satisfying that can actually be! When you play, you’re not only having fun but you’re amplifying feelings of well-being and positive emotions. You can literally shift your mental state from pressured and tense to mindful and energized. You can feel happy, healthy and full of creative zest with just a little dose of play.


With just a few of these quick tips added into your day, you’ll start to open yourself up to a state of “flow.” Flow states happen when you find yourself “in the zone.” That’s when your sense of time seems to diminish and you notice yourself energized and feeling powerful and motivated. Ideas seem to come out of nowhere and solutions pop-up into your consciousness like magic. In a flow state, you’ll probably find yourself doing your best work and with the most pleasure and satisfaction.

Instead of letting life happen to you, or sitting on autopilot stressed and stifled, why not decide to feed your soul with some creative juice? All you need is a few small changes to your day and before you know it, you’re happier, healthier, and you’re doing the best work of your life!

Get on it!

Ali Schofield is one of the Co-Founders of InspiredHUMNS. She always makes it a priority to try new things every day and loves exploring whenever she can. InspiredHUMNS curates unique and creative experiences so that you can meet new people, get inspired and learn new things! We are a Toronto-based community of intellectually-curious people who love deep conversations and inspiring work. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list and visit our “experiences” page for upcoming events!